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Larry Ellison Swaps Cloud Rants For Cloud Love With Exalogic

Cloud Computing

September 22, 2010 from InformationWeek – “Theatrics aside, Ellison’s conversion from cloud-ranter to cloud-computing arms merchant reveals a great deal about today’s rapidly shifting IT landscape….”

180 View – Good article if just for Larry Ellison’s (Oracle CEO) view on the difference between SaaS and Cloud Computing. According to Ellison, Cloud Computing provides each customer with their own separate and virtual environment including hardware and software that can run a wide variety of applications – sometimes called a private cloud. SaaS (Software as a Service) on the other hand is one application and the environment is shared by many customers. SaaS vendors will tell you that the shared environment (also called multitenant architecture) is a positive in that there is much less work involved in maintaining and updating the application.


How to get tough with your tech vendors

Contract Negotiations, ERP

September 7, 2010 from InfoWorld – “…Here are the top tips from consultants who help customers negotiate pricing, terms, and conditions with vendors such as Cisco Systems, EMC, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, and SAP…”

180 View – There are a few good points if you’re new to negotiating with technology vendors. Remember that the ERP vendors in particular anticipate that their new clients will not want to change systems again and so they are more willing to negotiate license fees, terms and conditions but reluctant to negotiate maintenance fees. But in the heat of the deal, anything is possible.


Project Management Approach for Business Process Improvement

Business Process Analysis, Project Management

August 2010 from ProjectTimes – “Business process improvement initiatives are frequently key projects within an organization, regardless of the size of the organization or, frankly, the size of the business process improvement initiative.  Even if a business process improvement initiative is targeted at an individual department, the impact of the change will be organization-wide. By ensuring that the initiative is managed as a strategic project, there are increased opportunities for success…”

180 View – The article provides recommended steps for the project, metrics to consider as well as a case study. The information might be of some assistance for organizations planning a business process improvement project. But I think the main point is that project management methodology can and should be applied to business process improvement projects.