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Interview with Don Kennedy from Kennedy Vomberg regarding the benefits of cloud-based ERP system

Cloud Computing, ERP

February 6, 2013 – Kennedy Vomberg implements Deltek Vision, which is one of the leading systems for professional service-based organizations. I asked Don to discuss the impact of Deltek Vision now available as a Cloud-based solution rather than needing to install it on a local server (on-premise). Don explained the Cloud model has, in some instances, brought certain expectations with it. For instance, given the ease in which a company can request and access cloud software (as opposed to the time typically incurred in preparing an in-house environment and subsequently installing the software), some people perceive that the system can be just turned on and is good to go, and that all they need is some basic training. The reality is that the implementation does not change much with the Cloud model. You still need to engage in upfront design discussions, configure the software to reflect your design decisions, and test your configured model to ensure it meets your needs. 

The savings in vendor implementation time may only be about 5% given that the software installation component is the only step no longer necessary.  But there are other savings in avoiding the time to source and set-up an on-premise server-based solution and install and maintain the system.  Don did point out that more timely access to upgrades was something his clients constantly mentioned as providing immediate benefit to their firm especially when the upgrades required a change in database or network as his clients would not need to upgrade their infrastructure.


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