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Top ERP Trend? Usability, Says Nucleus Research


January 9, 2014 from enterpriseAPPStoday - “Vendors realize they must make investments to reduce the complexity of ERP and make it more usable for end users. It’s not just doing mobile, but making mobile more intuitive. It’s not “just adding new features but really thinking about making the UI more user friendly,” she said. “Nobody is making their ERP decisions based on a long, detailed feature and function checklist anymore; they’re really looking for how to get more value out of it.”

180 View – We disagree that nobody is making decisions based on detailed features. Vendors typically need to respond to long lists of requirements. The article discusses getting more value from a system based on a “consumer-like experience they’ve come to expect”. Although we agree that a simpler user interface is very helpful, it does not eliminate the features needed by many organizations to solve complex business processes.


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