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One of the reasons we have not sent out our newsletter for a while was our concern with Canada’s new anti-spam legislation. We did not want to send out an email to all our readers asking them to opt-in. Our objective for our newsletters has always been to provide useful information rather than marketing material and we have also always had an opt-out facility. Please let us know if you would rather not receive our newsletter in the future. For those that stay opted-in, we plan to once again issue our newsletter on a monthly basis. Stay tuned. Thanks

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Consultant / Business Analyst Opportunity at 180 Systems


Another reason you have not heard from us for a while is that we have been very busy and hope the same goes for you. We are now looking to hire a consultant/business analyst as per the link at  Please pass this on if you know anyone that might be a good fit. 



ERP Pricing Models


ERP vendors don’t make it easy to calculate the cost of using their system. There are lots of variables to consider including:

  • License – buy a perpetual license to use the software
  • Hosted – annual or monthly fee to use the software by user
  • Named user – for anyone needing any access to the system
  • Concurrent user – for the number of people needing access at the same time
  • Full users – need multiple parts of the system such as a purchasing manager
  • Light users – need limited use of the system such as someone that just creates requisitions or enters their time or uses a handheld or needs read-only access
  • By module – each module is priced separately by user
  • By system – you get all modules whether needed or not

Our approach is to give the vendors all the variables they should need. However in the end, the costs really depend more on market conditions and how strategic/important the client is considered by the vendor.


ERP software survey 2014


September 2014 from CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “Welcome to our annual vendor survey on enterprise resource planning software. Back in 1999, when we published the first survey in CAmagazine, ERP was another mysterious IT acronym. Now it seems that everyone knows about it — although you will still hear a lot of variation on what it really means. Fifteen years ago, we had only a few ERP systems in our survey. Today we have 93…”