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Technology investment survey (ERP, CRM and BI)

Business Case, ERP

June 1, 2015 from CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “Making a business case for technology investments is challenging – and potentially career limiting. Anything you can learn from our peers’ experience in making these investments can be helpful in crafting a case. That is why we decided to run our own IT satisfaction survey in CPA Magazine. It ran from January to April 2015, and is available by clicking here.


BI, CPM, and budgeting survey 2015

Business Case, Business Intelligence, CPM

June 1, 2015 from CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “Every year, we reach out to vendors of BI, CPM and budgeting systems to see where they are headed. Last year, some of the big trendsetters were big data, mobility, cloud computing and in-memory processing. Those technologies are still very much with us. But this year, we’ll go back to basics and see whether there is a business case to invest in BI and CPM systems in the first place…”