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Will Google’s Robots Change Business Or Just Scare Everybody?

IT Strategy

December 16, 2013 from WebProNews / Technology – “What many of us have anticipated and joked about (uneasily) for years is now coming to fruition. Google is quickly assembling an army of robots. The company has acquired eight robotics companies (that we know of), and is using them for something that it is saying very little about…

Google does apparently intend to make good B2B use of its robots, however. According to the first NYT report about Rubin and the seven robot companies, Google isn’t aiming at consumers (“yet”), but manufacturing and “competing with companies like Amazon in retailing”. It mentions “automating portions of an existing supply chain that stretches from a factory floor to the companies that ship and deliver goods to a consumers’ doorstep…”

180 View – Follow the money.


Use of Social Media Among Canada’s Small Business Owners Up 42 Per Cent from 2012

IT Strategy

October 25, 2013 from BMP Financial Group – “Small business owners in Canada are becoming increasingly tech savvy, according to a new BMO Bank of Montreal report, with social media leading the charge as small businesses increase their use of digital technology…

Half of all businesses (46 per cent) use social media to promote their company’s brand, while 38 per cent use them to sell their products and services…”

180 View – We were alerted to this article by CPA Canada. The article does not address whether the benefits exceed the costs but it sounds like there are opportunities out there for organizations (including ours) to invest in social media.


CIO of the future: Innovator or ERP baby sitter?

IT Strategy

May 23, 2013 from CIO – “As infrastructure and applications continue to migrate to outsourcers and into the cloud, IT should be taking the lead in business process innovation…  ”Before you know it you’ll be babysitting the ERP system — until someone figures out how to lift it from you,” Joe says…”

180 View – The article is about IT people wanting to become involved with business process improvement and not wanting to be baby sitters for ERP systems. The author of the article fails to recognize that ERP systems offer great opportunities to improve business process. IT should be lined-up to take responsibility of ERP systems if they want to take a lead in business process innovation.


New Face Of IT: Line Of Business Execs

Cloud Computing, IT Strategy

October 1, 2012 from InformationWeek – “…a major new dynamic in IT: the ever-increasing group of line-of-business managers willing to take on key corporate technology initiatives themselves, and doing so well enough to embolden their bosses to let others do the same. “Having tech resources involved wasn’t that necessary,”…”Tech has evolved so much that it’s possible for non-hardcore tech people to deploy something effectively, especially with things in the cloud…”

180 View – The article is about non-IT people bypassing IT to implement systems in the clouds. It is liberating but at the same time can lead to a proliferation of systems that are not integrated or have some technical problems. We think it’s a mistake to bypass IT who will help ensure that the cloud does not turn into a hurricane.


Technology hype vs. reality: How to tell the difference

Business Case, IT Strategy

August 13, 2012 from Computerworld – “There’s one thing everyone working in enterprise IT agrees about: Technology for its own sake is bad. Every new product you adopt has to bring a business value to your organization, either by reducing costs or otherwise improving the bottom line.

Sounds great, in principle. In practice, every technology vendor has a detailed explanation of how each of its products will help your company. It’s up to you to figure out which ones really will. Here are five questions that can help, courtesy of Rebecca Wettemann, vice president at Nucleus Research, which specializes in measuring the ROI of technology projects…”

180 View – The 5 questions were good especially the one “Will it pass the Mom test?”


Brain drain: Where Cobol systems go from here

ERP, IT Strategy

March 14, 2012 from InfoWorld – “…More than 50 years after Cobol came on the scene, the language is alive and well in the world’s largest corporations, where it excels at executing large-scale batch and transaction processing operations on mainframes. The language is known for its scalability, performance and mathematical accuracy. But as the Boomer generation prepares to check out of the workforce, IT executives are taking a fresh look at their options…”

180  View – Another major reason for switching systems is the retirement of boomers who will no longer support legacy systems even if they still work well.


Turning handheld power into enterprise clout

ERP, IT Strategy

2011 from PwC’s Technology Forecast – “D7, a construction consulting firm in Southern California, threw its hat in the ring when it heard that, a cloud storage provider, was seeking a partner to test business applications on the Apple iPad. Before long, about 20 field workers at D7 were using smart tablets to diagnose quality assurance issues on-site; to relay audio, documents, and digital photos; and to store and share the material via

By using this approach, D7 has accomplished something that had previously eluded it: digital workflow from customer sites. In the past, workflow involved paper documents “that weren’t very usable,” says Aaron Levie, CEO of cloud collaboration company Joseph Daniels, D7 president, says tasks that took a week or longer can now be done the same day. “That’s what people want. They want it now or yesterday,” he says. With a mobile digital workflow, the D7 team eliminated a major bottleneck…”

180 View – I have always appreciated PwC’s technology forecast which is something PwC has been doing for a long time – even when I was a PwC employee many years ago.