Behram Faroogh

Behram Faroogh

A Chartered Accountant by profession, with over 25 years of experience that spans from the shop floor to the Board room, Behram has conducted assignments that consider the interplay, optimization and oversight of strategy, people, systems and processes. He has acquired highly developed skills in Information Technology by serving clients at the forefront of constantly evolving, disruptive and emerging technologies and has witnessed resultant business impact on digital trust and business transformation.

Behram is an innovator who excels at defining ‘the art of the possible’ by challenging the norm, envisioning revolutionary solutions to complex business problems, and surpassing client expectations by helping them chart a course for rapid growth in today’s highly disruptive and often volatile technology landscape. His unique blend of business and technology skill-set, coupled with his entrepreneurial background, allows Behram to study any given problem from a balanced scorecard perspective that aligns technology needs to core objectives of the business, thereby quickly gaining client confidence by focusing on key pain points and achieving desired outcomes.

Behram has served a diverse portfolio of clients in the Americas, Australia and EMEA region, in both public and private sectors, and offers an exceptional combination of multinational and cross-industry experience in thought leadership, strategic planning, designing, transforming and project managing complex technology solutions across multiple service offerings.

Behram strongly believes in giving back to the community and nurturing the profession. When he is not serving his clients, you will find him mentoring university students, conducting workshops or publicly speaking on emerging technology topics at various conferences locally and internationally.