Michael Burns helped us

“Michael Burns helped us beat the bushes, see what was out there and narrow down the suppliers. We didn’t know what was available, Michael is obviously much more up on what is out there. He did a very thorough analysis of what we needed. He also did a process analysis and turned it into an RFP which we could submit to vendors once we got to that point. We’re glad that we used him to get through that process. I can’t imagine trying to get through that maze without his experience and knowledge. He has a thorough approach, he tries not to leave any stone unturned, because it is a very specialized kind of thing. This is not kitchen cabinets, this is mission critical stuff. Once we got signed up with the vendor, Pat Wade took over as external project manager. We had been working with her for several years before Michael so we were thrilled that we were able to work with her on this. She is not involved in day-to-day nitty gritty things. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise in the business. Her depth of knowledge is amazing, I don’t believe there’s anything in an ERP implementation she hasn’t seen before.”