ERP System Diagnostic

The ERP Diagnostic is applicable to those organizations struggling whether to replace their existing systems. These organizations are not happy with their existing system but are wary of the risks and costs to implement a new system. It is not necessary to complete all phases in our methodology in order to decide whether to invest in a new system.


High Level Analysis

We meet with the management group to understand the severity and nature of the existing problems. The problems could be related to the system, business process, infrastructure, training, or lack of motivation. We also determine the gap between desired and current Key Performance Indicators to assess the need for change.

Business Process Review

We document the business process steps, problems, the type of problem, impact of the problems and the requirements and prepare process maps. The requirements are based on the strengths of the existing system and the functionality that could potentially fix the problems. The process maps provide a simple and effective way to visualize the business process flow.

Requirements Analysis

We create a requirements document that contains the key and unique requirements. We strive to be clear, unambiguous and don’t waste time with basic functionality. We also supplement the needs you’ve already identified with our own comprehensive industry-specific checklists. We have each requirement confirmed and prioritized.

Vendor Analysis

The requirements are wrapped into a Request for Proposal, which is issued to potential vendors. We prepare a preliminary analysis of the vendors which includes costs, scoring of their responses, underlying technology, developer and implementer information.


Business Case

We include the costs from the RFP responses and savings from eliminating the problems identified in the RFP. We prepare a multi-year cash flow and ROI analysis. We as well include the intangible benefits to determine whether there is a business case to invest in a new system.