About 180 Systems

We are independent ERP consultants assisting organizations in business process improvement and system selection. Our services also include business case development, project management and ERP expert witness testimony. Our primary focus is ERP from ERP business case, through ERP software selection to ERP implementation

180 Difference

We do not sell or implement any product or accept any compensation from vendors or implementers for our advice or services. Our advice is based on extensive knowledge of what is available and what is required across a wide range of industries. We have extensive ERP system selection experience as well as with HRMS, FP&A and CRM.


180 History

Michael Burns started 180 Systems more than 15 years ago and the company has grown to a small team of consultants. See Our People for a quick introduction to the team.

We have had the opportunity to work with a wide variety of great companies in different industries over the years. See Our Clients and Our Testimonials.

We have become recognized for our expertise and independence especially in ERP systems selection and implementation. CPA Canada chose 180 Systems to partner with in the 2021 National Forum on Technology Solutions


180 Values

  • Integrity – never say anything that is not true
  • Positive attitude – always make the best of every situation
  • Creativity – always alert to better ways to get the job done
  • Hard work – but not at the expense of family
  • Appreciation – We all have a lot to be thankful for
  • Enjoy life – See Take a Break for some examples of what makes us smile or brings us inspiration

180 Costs and Benefits


At 180 Systems, we’re committed to on-time and on-budget projects. Unless you request additional services, there are no extra costs and we absorb the risks associated with overruns on our services. Our fees will be very competitive as we are not a large consulting firm that needs to cover the high costs of overhead and partner remuneration.


Benefits to working with 180 Systems include:

  • Complete projects successfully
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the risks
  • Negotiate better contractual terms