Client Testimonials

There’s no better way to learn about us than to read what our clients have said. We have many more testimonials but have not published them here because some clients preferred not to have their comments published on our website. So if you want more testimonials or want to speak with one of our clients, please contact us.


"We were all quite impressed with the completeness of the process in a compact way. The methodology was great. I have been through these before, and sometimes this type of process is quite extended, and results might take a lot longer than the approach by 180 Systems that gets to the heart of the matter in a shorter time frame. Their approach includes meeting with the people in the major functions of the organization with pointed questions, and highlights the important issues, not the minor things that do not affect the decision. With 180 System's help we were able to get to the RFQ quicker than we would have otherwise. We were very happy with 180 System's work."
Gino Truant, V.P. Finance
"I am happy with 180 System's work and generally thought it was very good. I liked the approach, the pricing was reasonable and their use of time was well managed. We considered using a larger consulting company, but ruled them out as they were considered not as cost effective as 180 Systems."
Brad Narfason , President
"180 Systems was good, kept us in line, and really knew what they was talking about, which was evident right away - that was very helpful for us. The best thing about 180 Systems is that everybody who dealt with them was quite impressed with their background. They have their tool chest, forms and processes, and pulled them out and got right down to work. It surprised us at some of the stuff they were able to do."
Ryan Kolynchuk, Finance & Administration Manager
"Michael was able to take what our people were saying and boil it down to exactly what was needed and how the system needed to work. We sent that out to eight or nine vendors, and when they responded, he was able to rate them on a scale of one to ten in terms of meeting our requirements, and also what customization would be required. These are all things he has done over and over again, but for us the process was perfect. He doesn't operate from a certain bias, he tries to steer you. So he did a wonderful job"
Paul Santin, VP Finance & Administration
"Lawrence did exactly what we wanted to have done. We needed someone else to sort through all the systems, and find out which were the best for us. Though we knew the top three, through the work of 180 Systems we decided to select a different system at a much lower cost than one of the top three. Some of us had some experience dealing with evaluating systems but we were too busy to focus, so Lawrence took that "bull by the horns" and ran with it. He took a very disciplined approach to the process and handled all the required legwork. Because of his background, he would ask the penetrating questions and keep the vendors in line and sharp. The way he ran the process, pencils were sharpened sufficiently to offset the cost of 180 Systems fees, so it didn't really cost us anything, in my opinion."
Graham Nash, Interim CFO
"We were very impressed with Michael and the work done by 180 Systems. We looked to an outside source to assist us with the system selection process as we did not have much experience with this in house. Michael is very knowledgeable in the field, and his multi-faceted approach to the RFP process is well thought out. Services were provided in an objective, professional manner. In addition, the consulting fees were reasonable. I would unequivocally recommend the services of 180 Systems."
Kevin Semenjuk, Project Manager
"At the time, Railtech was looking to replace their existing system, and didn't have the expertise internally. We did some research, but were not making much progress. We asked our auditors for advice, but felt they were trying to fit them into the systems they already knew. Then I saw Michael mentioned in the CA Magazine, an independent consultant who knew the industry, so we decided to start a dialogue. We were looking for someone independent, who had knowledge of the different systems available, and that's what we got with Michael. In terms of Michael's approach, our group found him to be very organized, methodical, and very knowledgeable about the various systems. We were happy with the overall process and results. In hindsight, it might have been helpful to involve 180 Systems during the implementation phase, for advice and oversight."
Jess Fagnani, Vice President - Finance
"Working with Michael was fine, great, worked for me. He was methodical with how he went about the project. There were lots of people on the internal team, and he was able to get input from the key people. He also worked well with the vendors and provided us with good materials on the various products so we could evaluate them. He had a point system for rating the suitability of the systems which allowed us to narrow the choices and focus the team on those concepts."
Karen Schultz, Project Manager
"We needed someone who would be objective and not just sell us a solution. We also needed someone with a strong technical understanding, as well as expertise in our industry - apparel manufacturing and distribution. We engaged Michael Burns who far exceeded our expectations. I hold him in the highest regard, as he was always focused on the best solution for our company. I would highly recommend his company, 180 Systems, if you are thinking about changing your existing system"
Ralph Goldfinger, President

Wholesale Distribution

"I have great pleasure in writing to thank you for your assistance on Westbrook's journey through the ERP selection process. Your structured methodology of a business process review, Request for Proposal and the detailed vendor analysis helped us immensely; with your help we obtained deep granularity on our requirements and clarity on the various ERP systems and available options for our business. Personally, I learned a lot and I am glad you made me go through the structured process to review the ERP vendors and their offerings."
P.J. Vermeer, President
"I really enjoy working with Michael, he's done a great job for us, really helpful. We needed his expertise to go through the selection process. Pat has also been great so far, though it's early on in the process. She is currently providing critical strategic advice along way, which is very helpful."
Geoff Polon, VP Finance
"I can't thank you enough for the excellent professional advice and guidance you have provided us throughout the process. Your thorough analysis of our current practices and RFP package far exceeded our expectations and taught us a fantastic project management methodology"
Cathy O'Shea, President
"180 Systems's strong knowledge of business processes and the structured approach to ERP evaluation and selection were essential to our ERP selection process. The systematic approach really helped us to focus on those solutions that best satisfied our key requirements, met our budget requirements and provided the implementation expertise and ongoing support we were looking for."
Tim Wynia, Project Manager
"I enjoyed working with Michael, he was very calm, thorough and knowledgeable, and we needed the assistance. Before we engaged Michael, we had two vendors come in, and of course they both say they can do everything. I looked at the boss and said "Where do we go from here?". I had heard Michael speak at a conference and Michael is a CA like me. It was good to find a resource we could use to help us, since we did not have the expertise in house. It was a good choice, Michael helped interview all the people, put all our requirements in a nice format that we sent out to about nine vendors. He organized it all for us. Michael provided some final hints on closing the deal and I believe we did save some money as a result. All in all, it was a very positive experience."
Doug Redhead , VP Finance
"I thought Michael's work was very thorough, it was not only detail oriented but also kept the initial goals and needs in mind throughout. Michael's knowledge base was way beyond ours, and it was well worth the investment for this kind of project. Pat was great, also very thorough, and having come from a background of implementation she helped us meet the key milestones, and kept us on track. Her knowledge of what companies need in terms of systems was crucial, and we wouldn't be in the same spot today if she wasn't on board. Overall the cost of their services were some of the best consultant-based service investments that we have made as a company."
Mark Finkelstein, National Sales Director
"Michael Burns's services opened our eyes to diversity of features available in modern ERP systems. His guidance and assistance was significant in all steps of the process from structuring our requirements in generic terms to sorting through the large number of variables to choosing an appropriate supplier."
Vincent Hendriks, Director of Special Projects
"It's been a good experience working with Lawrence. He is well organized, concise, and it's a good exercise because it makes me and our employees understand a little more of our own business processes. Doing the business assessment with us before putting out the RFP helped us to recognize what we should be doing. Lawrence keeps us focussed, and I appreciate how well Lawrence is able to cut through and work quickly. His involvement in our software selection project was definitely worth the money."
Richard Stangl, Vice President
"I thought Michael was very professional, thorough, well organized, detailed, and overall a pleasure to work with. He assisted me in a very detailed software selection project with many vendor companies. Michael provided us with a methodology and we are using it. He performed the preliminary inquiry phase, sent out questionnaires to potential companies, gathered and compiled the materials, and helped me navigate the process, including online demos, and even visiting companies in Montreal."
Shai Burstein, President

Professional Services

"Michael has been a great help, very resourceful and knowledgeable. We were able to get his assistance with planning and searching for a new ERP system. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new system. He knew about various solutions out there, and was always available and there for us. Michael will help us with the implementation as well, and is currently advising us on an ROI study and client references as well. It's great to have a third party to provide feedback and advice, to make sure we are not forgetting anything or making mistakes."
Rosemin Remtulla, Accounting Manager
"Lawrence was very helpful and knowledgeable. He spent significant time on site with us and brought experience we didn't have in house. He had specific expertise in "grilling" the vendors and ensuring we received appropriate documents, seeing the process through, clarifying information and making sure proposed vendors were providing what was needed to make our decision. We have a fairly small head office, and so we needed someone with his background, someone who had been through the process before. It was a useful expenditure."
Stuart Craven, Chief Financial Officer
"My experience working with Lawrence was very positive. This was the first time I had worked with an IT consultant retained directly by our company rather than a vendor, and it was a very different experience. I am happy with the work that was done, and would not hesitate to retain 180 Systems in an advisory capacity as we move forward with this project to review our business needs analysis to make sure we are not omitting any key components and to provide advice during the configuration and implementation phases. Lawrence provides value for money, is easy to work with and very down-to-earth. He quickly established a very good working relationship with our Steering Committee and developed a reputation as being an honest and positive broker for our firm."
Dr. David Christiansen BA PhD, Corporate Business Manager
"Michael's expertise was invaluable in helping us choose our PSA solution. With his guidance, we were able to quickly identify our critical requirements, narrow the field down to a handful of vendors that met our needs and shaped a best-of-breed RFP process. Investing in his company was the smartest move I made in the process. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
Ben Craigo, Assistant Vice President
"I would like to take a moment to thank you for the very professional way that you handled this assignment. You proved to be an experienced and expert advisor as you led us in the selection of our new accounting system. I am very pleased with the process that you took us through and with the choice that we made. I am looking forward to what looks to be a straightforward implementation of OpenAir system and want to wish you good luck with your future endeavours. Please feel free to use us as a reference; I would not hesitate to give you an excellent one. Thanks again for your help, Jacob"
Dr. Jacob Shapiro, President

Financial Services

"Selecting a new system is a very complicated task, not something you do every day, so it is great to have an expert working with you who is acting in your interest. 180 Systems has a good process and know certain questions to ask the vendor. 180 Systems is not working for them, and that is what you want. They is not going to make your selection for you, but they set you up with the right tools to make the decision. 180 Systems handled it well, had a good format, focused on the bigger things as well as the details."
Ernest Dunphy, Controller
"Michael was very articulate, right to the point, knew his stuff, and provided a very good layout of what are the key steps an organization must go through. He explained terms related to technology, and the price was also right. Michael has a very good tool that pulls information together so that has been quite helpful."
Mireille Khayat , Director, Finance
"180 Systems was instrumental in Capstone Infrastructure's selection of a general ledger system. Their efficient methodology, comprehensive approach and deep expertise significantly aided our decision-making process, enabling us to identify the right system for our needs."
Jens Ehlers, Senior Vice President, Finance

Public Sector

"180 Systems is very professional, and they have provided excellent advice. We would not have been able to select the systems effectively without their help. We had a lot more confidence because of the process they went through with us. It made us rethink the approach to selecting software, and this was far better than what we had originally thought."
Glen Jarbeau, inance Manager
"Michael set up the process for determining our requirements with templates he had developed, and he would look over our shoulder and make sure we didn't get into trouble. That was his main role, and that's exactly what we wanted. All of these templates were an added bonus. We're happy with the process that went on and with our decision. Perhaps Michael could still play a role during the implementation, as a high level advisor to the project management team, maybe check in every week to ensure they are not forgetting something, or getting off track. We're in good shape having chosen our vendor and we would certainly consider using Michael again."
Rocco Sgambelluri, Controller
"Michael was excellent. He kept us focussed, analyzed our situation and guided us through the process. He attended all the demonstrations and took notes so we could stay focussed on the demonstrations. He summarized the notes and sent them back to us quickly. When called with a question he was very responsive and would always get back to us in a timely manner."
Janice Darnley, Manager, Financial Systems Projects
"Michael helped us to do a Gap Analysis in 2002 and a Process Review with review of some System alternatives in 2007. He is an extremely strong professional to work with, I only have good things to say. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, especially in ERP systems, and really knows about Business Process as well."
Prem Rooplal, Manager of Accounting
"Michael helped in our System Selection project in 2004-2005. He was excellent. Michael provided a high level of expertise in the various software systems, and helped us sort out our requirements. He was very personable, and his billing rates were reasonable and appropriate, compared to the big consulting firms."
Armand De Kemp, Controller


"180 Systems knows what they are doing and understands the needs and requirements of their clients. They did a thorough assessment to get an understanding of our business, I like that part. They came up with options and solutions, and based on all the pros and cons let us decide what course of action is to be taken. I would say they are thorough, diligent and understands the needs of our organization."
Rohit Deengar, Controller & Manager, Finance
"180 Systems is outstanding - very knowledgeable, very thorough, very good at keeping us on point during discovery meetings. They helped us make sure we spent time as efficiently as possible, not wandering, and not taking hours to do something when it should take a short time. Feedback from everyone was positive. The management team was thoroughly impressed with their work, flexibility and results. They provided outstanding value for money. It could not have gone any better. If anybody is looking for help in deciding on a platform I would recommend 180 Systems in a heartbeat."
Will Coros, I.T. Manager
"We were very satisfied with 180 Systems who are very thorough and knowledgeable. We couldn't have done it without them. I would recommend 180 Systems for small and medium companies trying to select new systems, anyone trying to make same kind of informed choice in a thorough and logical manner."
David Dutka, Director, Finance and Administration
"180 Systems are very knowledgeable, know what they are talking about and able to bring their expertise to marry all the information in a format that everyone could understand. Besides technical knowledge and experience, they also understand the business flows and business issues which generated many conversations on both the technical and business sides which we appreciated the value that they had brought to our business challenges. They were also able to effectively communicate and bring everyone onside."
Wayne Yee, Sr. IT Manager


"My thumbnail on Michael - we got along really well and he was extremely helpful. I just give him plus marks on everything. He was so fair, honest with us, reasonable with his price, just a class act. We learned so much doing the ERP with Michael. The vendor always says they can do anything for you, then you get into a relationship, and that's dangerous. With Michael, we were able to ask the tough questions and not be swayed by the vendor's marketing."
Peter W. Stevens, CFO
"A trusted friend and financial professional recommended 180 Systems as an expert in financial software applications for mid-size companies such as ours. The recommendation proved to be right on the money as they were a perfect fit for our requirements. Not only are they focused action-oriented and a quick study, but also have expert knowledge base that is as deep as it is wide. We were very pleased with the process that 180 Systems lead us through and recommend them without reservation."
Aubrey Ferguson, Managing Director

Expert Witness

"Michael did an excellent job on the work that he did for my client. Michael was very clear upfront about his budget and schedule, and came within the budget he set out and basically on schedule. He was very diligent and thorough in his approach to the issues, and he provided his report very promptly. He worked very hard, including working over holidays and weekends and late evenings. His turnaround time was very fast; he was responsive, he listened to feedback that was provided and incorporated that into his work product."
Sharon Vogel , Partner
"We did an extensive search for the appropriate expert consultant for a litigation on a systems related issue. Michael's qualifications and background fit our requirements. Michael always dealt with us in a professional way. Michael provided two reports commenting on the system that was put into place in the matter under litigation. We enjoyed working with him both on the phone and in person."
Robert A. Hodgins, Partner


"It was a pleasure working with 180 Systems. I am very satisfied overall with the work. If I have anything else of this kind I would definitely contact them first without any hesitation. During the process they gained an understanding of our systems, what the expectations are and what the software provider is supposed to deliver. 180 Systems can also be a valuable resource during implementation providing high level support of project management."
Vadim Shub, Chief Financial Officer

Third-party logistics

"180 Systems is very thorough and gets down to the nuts and bolts of the business to get a thorough understanding of what our user requirements are and understanding of process flows. They ask a lot of good questions about why things are done a certain way and are very good at probing users to discover their issues and formulate requirements that a new system needs to address. 180 Systems gets people relaxed and engaged quickly, focuses on the issues and keeps things moving along. For companies that don't have someone on board that has ERP selection experience, 180 Systems is a great help. They get beyond the "dog and pony show" of vendors, cutting through to the core functionality that does or does not meet your requirements. I'd recommend 180 Systems to any medium sized company where IT resources are scarce, even to larger companies where IT departments don't have the experience with what S/W is out there, whereas 180 Systems has it all and been there done that."
George Czubak, CFO


"I found 180 Systems to be knowledgeable of the IT environment and practical in terms of understanding our requirements and determining appropriate systems to evaluate. 180 Systems provided good value in terms of system selection."
Raman Randhawa, CA, Director of Finance, Canada & US

Service Management

"180 Systems is very professional, very competent, and we have nothing but great things to say. In fact if anything, I remember Michael suggesting using Pat for implementation support during the system selection phase. We eventually did follow his recommendation, and perhaps should have listened to Michael a little more from the early days. We were doing our own implementation, then we encountered methodology problems, and we felt we were losing it a little. Michael reminded me that Pat was available, so Pat came on board to do a health check, interview team members, provide documentation, and give executives a list of gaps and recommendations. At that point we convinced Pat to stay with us and continue to be engaged, "owning" the project on a part time basis. With her assistance and leadership we've been able to get back on track, largely thanks to Pat."
Celso Mello, Chief Information Officer
"Michael Burns helped us beat the bushes, see what was out there and narrow down the suppliers. We didn't know what was available, Michael is obviously much more up on what is out there. He did a very thorough analysis of what we needed. He also did a process analysis and turned it into an RFP which we could submit to vendors once we got to that point. We're glad that we used him to get through that process. I can't imagine trying to get through that maze without his experience and knowledge. He has a thorough approach, he tries not to leave any stone unturned, because it is a very specialized kind of thing. This is not kitchen cabinets, this is mission critical stuff. Once we got signed up with the vendor, Pat Wade took over as external project manager. We had been working with her for several years before Michael so we were thrilled that we were able to work with her on this. She is not involved in day-to-day nitty gritty things. She has a lot of knowledge and expertise in the business. Her depth of knowledge is amazing, I don't believe there's anything in an ERP implementation she hasn't seen before."
Jim Porter, Project Manager
"Michael was good, very thorough. He assessed problems with a botched implementation of a system, and put together a benchmark for rating requirements for a new system. He advised us on our legal rights related to the problems with the original implementation, and assisted us with gathering information and ranking the various vendors. He was able to filter the ‘smoke and mirrors' that the vendors presented."
Bruce Morrison, C.A., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
"Michael understands what we do at Zebrano very well. We have worked with him several times over the years. We needed to automate accounting processes, and started a year ago. We looked at various options, already programmed or custom. We hired Michael to define our needs and use them to develop an RFP to present to the vendors. He was on all the calls with suppliers. Michael was quite tough on the vendors which we liked. In the end we went with a custom solution. Michael paired the programmer with a database programmer who was excellent. We were able to keep our existing system and convert all the data. We're using it and it's working really well. Michael put us together with the right people.
Wendy Davis, President & CEO


"180 Systems helped us select a Financial System. We had quickly determined that we should stick with our existing system and get more out of it, and 180 Systems helped us with our requirements. They also helped us select a system for Construction Management and Project Management. I liked their methodology and the approach used to engage people and draw out information. People feel comfortable talking to them and they don't come across as typical know-it-all consultants. They are easy to talk to. They are very easy to work with, knowledgeable, and I have a lot of time for them and would use 180 Systems again in a minute."

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