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The ERP portal contains recent ERP news and articles, ERP systems and ERP Implementers. Vendors are able to update our site with basic or enhanced information at no charge. However, we only provide enhanced listings for qualified vendors. Vendors who are software publishers are qualified based on our experience working with them or completing our ERP survey and vendors that are implementers are qualified based on our experience working with them. The enhanced listings link to a separate web page that includes contact information, number of employees, office locations, classifications and industries supported.

Recent ERP News and Articles

180 Systems and CPA Canada have developed a new conference that is targeted to senior leaders responsible for technology investment decisions. The conference will focus on enterprise software (ERP, BI and CPM) and includes customers speaking about their journey through selection and implementation by industry (manufacturing and distribution, not-for-profit and financial services). It will also [...]

February 2018 from CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “Senior executives of any organization that is going through a major system implementation worry whether the implementation project will cause huge problems when it goes live or whether the costs and time estimates are accurate. The project manager might be telling them all is [...]

Lean management is all about eliminating any waste by identifying each step in a business process and then revising or cutting out non-value added steps. The question is whether this should be done prior to selecting an ERP system. Proponents of doing it first assume that the implementation of an ERP system would be merely [...]

September 2017 from CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burnse – “Welcome once again to our annual vendor survey on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Every year we have a different theme for the article that accompanies our ERP survey results. This year we decided to look at the fine print in ERP contracts and [...]

We have found that on average the one-time (on premise) license fee is 3 times the annual fee based on our experience in evaluating RFP responses from vendors. One might think that the ratio between license and annual fee should be greater but that does not take into account the additional hosted services provided by [...]

From CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “We have all heard horror stories about failed ERP implementations but we rarely hear about the ones that went well. Does ERP deserve the bad rap it gets?…”

From CPA Magazine and written by Michael Burns – “Welcome to our annual vendor survey on enterprise resource planning (ERP) software. Our survey now includes 100 systems…”

You naturally want to minimize risks and avoid cost overruns before signing a long-term contract for a new ERP system. Your prospective vendor also wants to minimize risk, but is usually not in a position to do anything other than give an implementation estimate based on lots of assumptions about scope, roles and responsibilities. These [...]

The SOW is a key document from your vendor that can make or break the implementation. The vendors will do their best to reduce their risk by limiting scope to a high level list, assuming that you will follow best practices, and making a lot of other assumptions about you doing work that you don’t [...]

December 3, 2015 from LinkedIn – “…Most SMEs and many larger companies are not experienced in running projects. It is just not something they need to do on a regular basis and certainly not with this much at stake.  An investment in the services of a skilled internal Project Manager is rarely a waste of [...]

A demonstration script is critical to the selection process but there are huge differences on how to do this. Rather than criticize the techniques we have read, I will share our methodology with you: Two demonstrations – You don’t want to go too deep on the first demonstration unless you are positive that the vendor will [...]

We don’t think so. There are many excellent products built by small companies for specific industries that are worthy of consideration. But there are risks that the vendor will not be around for the long haul. There are a number of ways to evaluate long-term viability: The system is built with old technology that is [...]

It’s not time to celebrate when the system goes live. Nor is it time to celebrate even if it’s on time or on budget. It’s only time to celebrate if the benefits in the business case have been realized. Ideally the benefits are in the form of a measurable metric or a Key Performance Indicator [...]

We ask the finalists in our software selection projects for a detailed breakdown of implementation costs by module (g/l, a/r, a/p, purchasing…) and by task (customization, integration, conversion, project management, design…). We provide them with a lot of information to make the estimate possible: detailed requirements business process review which includes process, problems, type of [...]

Buyer beware when estimating the costs of an ERP implementation. There are so many unknowns that make it really tough to avoid unpleasant surprises. The vendors are very reluctant to fix price anything when it comes to the services required because of the many unknowns – scope of work, who does what, capabilities and available [...]


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  • Financial
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Public Sector
  • Construction
  • Retail
  • Professional Services


  • Tier One
  • Tier Two
  • Tier Three

Distribution Model

  • License Based
  • SaaS


An ERP system automates business processes across most, if not all, departments within an organization of any size or industry. Our definition of ERP encompasses accounting systems, which can automate business processes across departments within a smaller company.

The products have been segregated by tier based on target customer and price. Within each tier, we have further classified which applications are applicable to the systems as well as the distribution model. See the filter box above to sort for the desired tier, application, and distribution model.

Tier One/Enterprise

  • Customer Revenues > $200M
  • Customer Employees > 500
  • License Fees > $300k
  • Implementation Fees:License Fees > 2:1

Tier Two/Mid Market

  • Customer Revenues $10M-$200M
  • Customer Employees 50-500
  • License Fees $50k-$300k
  • Implementation Fees:License Fees 1:1-2:1
  • AccountMate 9 for SQL
  • Acumatica Cloud ERP
  • Apprise® ERP
  • Bizowie ERP
  • Blackbaud Software
  • Blue Link ERP
  • BST10 ERP
  • Carillon ERP
  • Cincom
  • Clearview InFocus
  • Compiere Enterprise
  • CSB-System
  • CTRL
  • Datacor
  • Deltek Ajera
  • Deltek Costpoint
  • Deltek Maconomy
  • Deltek Vision
  • Encompix ERP
  • Epicor ERP
  • eWholesale
  • Factumsoft ERP
  • Fidelio
  • Foundation 3000
  • FreeBalance
  • Frontier
  • Global Shop Solutions ERP Software
  • Glovia G2
  • IFS Applications
  • Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)
  • Infor SmartStream FMS
  • Infor SunSystems
  • Infor VISUAL ERP
  • Intuitive ERP
  • IQMS Manufacturing ERP
  • Latitude
  • Macola 10
  • Made2Manage
  • Maestro*ERP
  • Manitou Solution
  • MasterTools ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP
  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Microsoft Dynamics SL
  • Minotaur ERP
  • Momentis Fashion System
  • MRPEasy
  • Multiview Financials
  • Netsuite
  • Odoo
  • OMS Enterprise Business Software
  • Paragon ERP
  • Plex
  • Priority Enterprise
  • Priority Pro
  • ProcessPro
  • Projector PSA
  • Pronto Xi
  • Q360
  • QAD Enterprise Applications
  • Rapid Response Manufacturing
  • Reflex ERP
  • Resource Navigator
  • Rootstock Cloud ERP
  • Ross ERP
  • Sage 300 (formerly Accpac)
  • Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500)
  • Sage Intacct
  • Sage X3
  • SAP Business One
  • SAP ByDesign
  • Serenic Navigator
  • Shoptech E2 Shop System
  • Tenrox
  • Tyler Technologies
  • Unanet Project ERP
  • Unit4 Business World On!
  • VersAccounts
  • ERP
  • Visual ERP
  • WinMan ERP
  • Workday
  • xTuple ERP

Tier Three/Entry Level

  • Customer Revenues < $10M
  • Customer Employees < 50
  • License Fees < $50k
  • Implementation Fees:License Fees < 1:1
  • Ability 585
  • Acomba
  • Adagio Accounting
  • Aria 4XP ERP
  • Bizowie ERP
  • Carillon ERP
  • Connected Enterprise Accounting & ERP
  • CYMA Accounting Software
  • Deltek Ajera
  • Dynacom Enterprise+ ERP
  • EBMS
  • ECi M1
  • Enterprise 21 ERP
  • Everest
  • eWholesale
  • Foundation 3000
  • FreshBooks
  • Genius Manufacturing ERP
  • Infor VISUAL ERP
  • Integrated Office Accounting
  • IQMS Manufacturing ERP
  • LillyWorks
  • MasterTools ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics POS
  • Microsoft Dynamics RMS
  • MRPEasy
  • OMS Enterprise Business Software
  • Paragon ERP
  • ProcessPro
  • Quantus ERP Solution
  • QuickBooks
  • Rapid Response Manufacturing
  • Resource Navigator
  • Ross ERP
  • Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200)
  • Sage 50
  • Sage BusinessVision
  • Sage DacEasy
  • Shoptech E2 Shop System
  • SIMMS Software
  • SouthWare ERP
  • Yourcegid Y2 ERP


Systems may be implemented by the developer of the software or by their business partners sometimes called Value Added Resellers.

Acumatica Cloud ERP

  • Aqurus Solutions Inc.
  • Mantralogix
  • NexTec Group
  • PC Bennett Consulting

Deltek Maconomy

Deltek Vision

Epicor ERP

  • Evron Computer Systems
  • MIS Consulting & Sales
  • Six S Partners


  • GWA Business Solutions Inc.

Infor CloudSuite Industrial (SyteLine)


JD Edwards EnterpriseOne

JD Edwards World


Microsoft Dynamics 365

Microsoft Dynamics GP

  • 360 Visibility Inc.
  • Encore Business Solutions
  • Endeavour Solutions Inc.
  • Merit Solutions
  • MIG & Co.
  • NexTec Group
  • PC Bennett Consulting
  • Queue Associates
  • Rimrock Corporation
  • TGO Consulting

Microsoft Dynamics NAV

  • 360 Visibility Inc.
  • Encore Business Solutions
  • Liberty Grove Software, Inc.
  • MIG & Co.
  • PYA Solutions Inc.
  • Qixas Group

Microsoft Dynamics SL

  • MIG & Co.
  • NexTec Group


Oracle E-Business Suite

  • Deloitte

Pronto Xi

Sage 100 (formerly MAS 90/200)

  • Blue Ridge Information Group
  • Clients First
  • Essential Software Solutions
  • Evron Computer Systems
  • Net@Work
  • Powershift
  • The Answer Company

Sage 300 (formerly Accpac)

  • BAASS Business Solutions Inc.
  • Blue Ridge Information Group
  • Bredet Services Inc.
  • Britec Computer Systems Ltd.
  • Business Technology Solutions Inc.
  • Computrack Solutions
  • GWA Business Solutions Inc.
  • Mantralogix
  • Net@Work
  • Pur-Logic Solutions
  • The Answer Company

Sage 500 (formerly MAS 500)

  • Blue Ridge Information Group
  • Bredet Services Inc.
  • CompuData
  • Essential Software Solutions
  • Net@Work
  • NexTec Group
  • Powershift
  • SBS Group
  • The Answer Company

Sage BusinessVision

  • Britec Computer Systems Ltd.
  • Evron Computer Systems
  • GWA Business Solutions Inc.
  • Mantralogix
  • Net@Work
  • Pur-Logic Solutions
  • The Answer Company

Sage Intacct

  • BAASS Business Solutions Inc.

Sage X3

SAP All-in-One

SAP Business One

SAP ByDesign