ERP Implementation Audit

An implementation of enterprise software such as ERP is a huge undertaking for both small and large organizations and can cause significant damage to an organization if not done properly.

How we can help

We know how it should be done and are aware of the danger signs signalling trouble ahead. The problems can be caused by both internal and external resources. We can help organizations part way through an implementation to make sure that things are going well and provide advice on what should be done to get back on track. We can also help organizations that have completed the implementation to evaluate how things went.

Implementation Audit Objectives

  1. To determine whether the current forecast for completion is reasonable
  2. To determine whether any changes should be made to the implementation process
  3. To evaluate work completed to date
  4. To determine whether there are software gaps that were not expected
  5. To gain insight that would assist in other major projects

Implementation Audit Analysis

  1. Determine requirements either by performing a business process review or by using existing requirements documentation
  2. Evaluate system to determine the extent to which the system meets requirements - gap analysis
  3. Evaluate implementation methodology against best practice
  4. Audit the project plan for reasonability