ERP System Review

Our review contains critical system information including applications, industries supported, number of customers, underlying technology, and critical generic functionality - customization, multiple companies, multiple currencies, workflow, mobility, sales tax and reporting.
  Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
Product Information  
System Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations
Vendor Microsoft Dynamics 365
Description Dynamics 365 launched in 2016 when Microsoft brought together Dynamics AX, its ERP application and the Dynamics CRM application. Microsoft was one of the first to make a move an offer an integrated solution. Given the dynamic nature of business and the likelihood of unique situations, it is becoming more and more important for software/solution providers to introduce applications that cater to the changing trends. Dynamics 365 is a comprehensive suite of services enabling all in one solutions so that you don’t have to pick and choose from the plethora of options available. Microsoft Dynamics 365 can be used for:
  • Bringing your business together as a cohesive unit by connecting people, processes, and data across many applications, including Microsoft Dynamics 365, Office 365, LinkedIn, and Azure.
  • Making smarter decisions with built-in AI, analytics, and guided action suggestions.
  • Adapting the application to your needs rather than changing your business methodology. You can integrate most applications with existing systems or even customize with Microsoft Power Platform.
  • Modernize your approach by incorporating AI, mixed reality, social, and mobile capabilities for progressive business innovation.
Primary Tier 1
Apparel No
Construction Yes
Field Services No
Financial Services Yes
Food & Beverage Yes
Hospitality Yes
Manufacturing Yes
Nonprofit No
Professional Services Yes
Retail & ECommerce Yes
Transportation & Logistics Yes
Wholesale Distribution Yes
Accounting (General Ledger, Financial Reporting, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Budgeting and Cash Management) Yes
Asset Management No
CPQ (Configure Price Quote) No
Distribution (Order Processing, Purchasing and Inventory) Yes
E-commerce Yes
Field Services - Dispatching & Scheduling Yes
Field Services - Mobile Field Management Yes
Human Resource Management No
Manufacturing - Quality Control No
Manufacturing - Scheduling Yes
Manufacturing - Shop Floor Control Yes
Payroll Yes
Point of Sale No
Product Lifecycle Management Yes
Professional Services - Scheduling No
Professional Services - Timesheets No
Professional Services – WIP Management No
Project Management No
Transportation Management No
Warehouse Management No
Developer Information  
Number of customers - all products
Number of customers - this product
% of application that is web based (just need a browser on workstation)
On premise, cloud or hybrid On Premise
Private or Public Cloud Private
Multi-tenant architecture Yes
Generic Requirements  
Without changing source code In Current Release
User-defined fields
  • Can define values/dropdowns for fields
  • Used in report selection and ordering
  • Used in workflow
In Current Release
User defined screens
  • Change fields to required, optional or invisible for standard and user-defined field
In Current Release
Multiple Companies  
Share inventory across companies In Current Release
Share customers and suppliers across companies In Current Release
Automate balancing of transactions across legal entities In Current Release
PO of 1 company automatically generates the sales order in another company In Current Release
Multiple Currencies  
Maintain source and home currency amount for each transaction In Current Release
Date effective currency exchange rates In Current Release
Work Flow  
Can apply an approval process to any transaction such as a journal entry or any master file such as a supplier or inventory item In Current Release
Can generate alerts/escalation if something expected is late or reminders In Current Release
Configurable approvals or alerts without needing programming In Current Release
Optimized for Android and iPhone In Current Release
Offline mode and synch when internet connected In Current Release
Sales tax compliance  
Canadian sales tax compliance In Current Release
US sales tax compliance In Current Release
Reporting/Business Intelligence  
Industry standard reporting tool and can change existing reports or add new ones In Current Release
Ad-hoc reporting (don’t need a programmer) with filtering, sorting and summarizing options In Current Release
Based on real time updates from all transactions In Current Release
Role specific In Current Release
Configurable dashboards - don't need to be a programmer to create or change dashboard In Current Release
Drag and drop dimensions In Current Release
Visualization/graphic representation of data In Current Release