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We are independent consultants assisting organizations in business process improvement and system selection. We have extensive ERP system selection experience as well as with Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance and CRM. Our services also include business case development, project management and ERP expert witness testimony. Our website contains many free online tools, research, articles and news that you should find useful.
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  • "We needed someone who would be objective and not just sell us a solution. We also needed someone with a strong technical understanding, as well as expertise in our industry - apparel manufacturing and distribution. We engaged Michael Burns who far exceeded our expectations. I hold him in the highest regard, as he was always focused on the best solution for our company. I would highly recommend his company, 180 Systems, if you are thinking about changing your existing system"
    Ralph Goldfinger, President
  • "We did an extensive search for the appropriate expert consultant for a litigation on a systems related issue. Michael's qualifications and background fit our requirements. Michael always dealt with us in a professional way. Michael provided two reports commenting on the system that was put into place in the matter under litigation. We enjoyed working with him both on the phone and in person."
    Robert A. Hodgins, Partner
  • "Michael understands what we do at Zebrano very well. We have worked with him several times over the years. We needed to automate accounting processes, and started a year ago. We looked at various options, already programmed or custom. We hired Michael to define our needs and use them to develop an RFP to present to the vendors. He was on all the calls with suppliers. Michael was quite tough on the vendors which we liked. In the end we went with a custom solution. Michael paired the programmer with a database programmer who was excellent. We were able to keep our existing system and convert all the data. We're using it and it's working really well. Michael put us together with the right people.
    Wendy Davis, President & CEO
  • "Michael was very articulate, right to the point, knew his stuff, and provided a very good layout of what are the key steps an organization must go through. He explained terms related to technology, and the price was also right. Michael has a very good tool that pulls information together so that has been quite helpful."
    Mireille Khayat , Director, Finance
  • "Michael's expertise was invaluable in helping us choose our PSA solution. With his guidance, we were able to quickly identify our critical requirements, narrow the field down to a handful of vendors that met our needs and shaped a best-of-breed RFP process. Investing in his company was the smartest move I made in the process. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
    Ben Craigo, Assistant Vice President
  • "Lawrence was very helpful and knowledgeable. He spent significant time on site with us and brought experience we didn't have in house. He had specific expertise in "grilling" the vendors and ensuring we received appropriate documents, seeing the process through, clarifying information and making sure proposed vendors were providing what was needed to make our decision. We have a fairly small head office, and so we needed someone with his background, someone who had been through the process before. It was a useful expenditure."
    Stuart Craven, Chief Financial Officer
  • "Michael did an excellent job on the work that he did for my client. Michael was very clear upfront about his budget and schedule, and came within the budget he set out and basically on schedule. He was very diligent and thorough in his approach to the issues, and he provided his report very promptly. He worked very hard, including working over holidays and weekends and late evenings. His turnaround time was very fast; he was responsive, he listened to feedback that was provided and incorporated that into his work product."
    Sharon Vogel , Partner
  • "Michael has been a great help, very resourceful and knowledgeable. We were able to get his assistance with planning and searching for a new ERP system. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a new system. He knew about various solutions out there, and was always available and there for us. Michael will help us with the implementation as well, and is currently advising us on an ROI study and client references as well. It's great to have a third party to provide feedback and advice, to make sure we are not forgetting anything or making mistakes."
    Rosemin Remtulla, Accounting Manager
  • "At the time, Railtech was looking to replace their existing system, and didn't have the expertise internally. We did some research, but were not making much progress. We asked our auditors for advice, but felt they were trying to fit them into the systems they already knew. Then I saw Michael mentioned in the CA Magazine, an independent consultant who knew the industry, so we decided to start a dialogue. We were looking for someone independent, who had knowledge of the different systems available, and that's what we got with Michael. In terms of Michael's approach, our group found him to be very organized, methodical, and very knowledgeable about the various systems. We were happy with the overall process and results. In hindsight, it might have been helpful to involve 180 Systems during the implementation phase, for advice and oversight."
    Jess Fagnani, Vice President - Finance
  • "He was very thorough, he gets down to the nuts and bolts of the business to get a thorough understanding of what our user requirements are and understanding process flows. He asks a lot of good questions about why things are done a certain way and is very good at probing users to discover their issues and formulate requirements that a new system needs to address. Michael gets people relaxed and engaged quickly, focuses on the issues and keeps things moving along. For companies that don't have someone on board that has ERP selection experience, he is a great help. He gets beyond the "dog and pony show" of vendors, cutting through to the core functionality that does or does not meet your requirements. I'd recommend Michael to any medium sized company where IT resources are scarce, even to larger companies where IT departments don't have the experience with what S/W is out there, whereas Michael has it all in the left corner of his brain - been there done that."
    George Czubak, CFO

How We Do IT

We do not sell or implement any product or accept any compensation from vendors or implementers for our advice or services. Our advice is based on extensive knowledge of what is available and what is required across a wide range of industries.


Benefits to working with 180 Systems include:

  • Complete projects successfully
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the risks
  • Negotiate better contractual terms


At 180 Systems, we're committed to on-time and on-budget projects. Unless you request additional services, there are no extra costs and we absorb the risks associated with overruns on our services. Our fees will be very competitive as we are not a large consulting firm that needs to cover the high costs of overhead and partner remuneration.