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We are independent consultants assisting organizations in business process improvement and system selection. We have extensive ERP system selection experience as well as with Business Intelligence, Corporate Performance and CRM. Our services also include business case development, project management and ERP expert witness testimony. Our website contains many free online tools, research, articles and news that you should find useful.
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  • "Lawrence was very helpful and knowledgeable. He spent significant time on site with us and brought experience we didn't have in house. He had specific expertise in "grilling" the vendors and ensuring we received appropriate documents, seeing the process through, clarifying information and making sure proposed vendors were providing what was needed to make our decision. We have a fairly small head office, and so we needed someone with his background, someone who had been through the process before. It was a useful expenditure."
    Stuart Craven, Chief Financial Officer
  • "Michael's expertise was invaluable in helping us choose our PSA solution. With his guidance, we were able to quickly identify our critical requirements, narrow the field down to a handful of vendors that met our needs and shaped a best-of-breed RFP process. Investing in his company was the smartest move I made in the process. I cannot recommend him highly enough"
    Ben Craigo, Assistant Vice President
  • "Michael helped in our System Selection project in 2004-2005. He was excellent. Michael provided a high level of expertise in the various software systems, and helped us sort out our requirements. He was very personable, and his billing rates were reasonable and appropriate, compared to the big consulting firms."
    Armand De Kemp, Controller
  • "We needed someone who would be objective and not just sell us a solution. We also needed someone with a strong technical understanding, as well as expertise in our industry - apparel manufacturing and distribution. We engaged Michael Burns who far exceeded our expectations. I hold him in the highest regard, as he was always focused on the best solution for our company. I would highly recommend his company, 180 Systems, if you are thinking about changing your existing system"
    Ralph Goldfinger, President
  • "We were very impressed with Michael and the work done by 180 Systems. We looked to an outside source to assist us with the system selection process as we did not have much experience with this in house. Michael is very knowledgeable in the field, and his multi-faceted approach to the RFP process is well thought out. Services were provided in an objective, professional manner. In addition, the consulting fees were reasonable. I would unequivocally recommend the services of 180 Systems."
    Kevin Semenjuk, Project Manager
  • "Michael helped us to do a Gap Analysis in 2002 and a Process Review with review of some System alternatives in 2007. He is an extremely strong professional to work with, I only have good things to say. Michael is extremely knowledgeable, especially in ERP systems, and really knows about Business Process as well."
    Prem Rooplal, Manager of Accounting
  • "A trusted friend and financial professional recommended Michael Burns as someone who was an expert in financial software applications for mid-size companies such as ours. The recommendation proved to be right on the money as Michael was a perfect fit for our requirements. Not only is he focused action-oriented and a quick study, he also has an expert knowledge base that is as deep as it is wide. We were very pleased with the process that Michael lead us through and recommend him without reservation."
    Aubrey Ferguson, Managing Director
  • "Michael was good, very thorough. He assessed problems with a botched implementation of a system, and put together a benchmark for rating requirements for a new system. He advised us on our legal rights related to the problems with the original implementation, and assisted us with gathering information and ranking the various vendors. He was able to filter the ‘smoke and mirrors' that the vendors presented."
    Bruce Morrison, C.A., Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
  • "Michael was very articulate, right to the point, knew his stuff, and provided a very good layout of what are the key steps an organization must go through. He explained terms related to technology, and the price was also right. Michael has a very good tool that pulls information together so that has been quite helpful."
    Mireille Khayat , Director, Finance
  • "Michael Burns's services opened our eyes to diversity of features available in modern ERP systems. His guidance and assistance was significant in all steps of the process from structuring our requirements in generic terms to sorting through the large number of variables to choosing an appropriate supplier."
    Vincent Hendriks, Director of Special Projects

How We Do IT

We do not sell or implement any product or accept any compensation from vendors or implementers for our advice or services. Our advice is based on extensive knowledge of what is available and what is required across a wide range of industries.


Benefits to working with 180 Systems include:

  • Complete projects successfully
  • Save time and money
  • Reduce the risks
  • Negotiate better contractual terms


At 180 Systems, we're committed to on-time and on-budget projects. Unless you request additional services, there are no extra costs and we absorb the risks associated with overruns on our services. Our fees will be very competitive as we are not a large consulting firm that needs to cover the high costs of overhead and partner remuneration.