Top 10 Trends in Cloud ERP

May 19, 2014 from enterpriseAPPStoday – “Cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software hasn’t really caught on yet. But according to a recent Gartner survey, it will soon. Here are some of the top trends shaping cloud-based ERP…”

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180 View – Most of our clients are more interested in finding a solution that is a good fit, not overly difficult to implement, in their budget and supported and implemented by a company that knows their industry really well. They don’t care that much how it’s deployed. Cloud deployment does not seem less expensive than on premise deployment even when factoring in savings in infrastructure and IT resources over a five year period. Today the cloud ERP vendors are still charging a premium for their wares. And some of them just offer annual user fees rather than monthly which would be very good for seasonal businesses. It won’t be long before the prices for cloud ERP drops as each and every ERP vendor jumps on the cloud bandwagon. At that time, the cloud will blot out much of the on premise landscape for new sales especially for small and mid-sized organizations that don’t have or don’t want IT departments.