Personal Message from Michael Burns about Covid-19

My adult children are spending quality time with their kids. It reminds them of when they were young when we spent weeks at a cottage together. The kids played outside and inside, made up plays to perform, read lots of books borrowed from the library and we all enjoyed our time together. Many of us are now enjoying more quality time with our family.

But there are so many people on the front lines risking their health and that of their families to battle COVID-19 and look after the rest of us. There are also many people who have lost their jobs and are running out of money to care for their families. And there are the victims of COVID-19, who are sick or dying isolated from their families.

Hopefully on the other end of this crisis (and during), we will be more grateful to all those people who have risked their lives and that of their families for us, more generous to people we don’t know, and able to continue spending quality time with our families.

I hope you and your family are well and stay that way.