How to Optimize Your ERP System

October 14, 2012 from The Enterprise System Spectator and written by Frank Scavo – “When it comes to ERP, most business leaders realize that it is critical to select the right system and implement it successfully. Likewise, when it comes to advice about ERP, most analysts and consultants focus on their attention on best practices for ERP vendor selection and implementation.

But very few analysts pay attention to what happens after the implementation. An organization will spend many more months using an ERP system than it will selecting and implementing it. A company might take three to six months to select a new ERP system and another year or two to implement it: but it will be using that system to support its business operations for seven years, 10 years, or hopefully even longer…”

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180 View – I have often included articles from Frank Scavo as I appreciate his insight especially when his insight dovetails with our methodology. When we conduct our business process reviews, our documentation includes the processes, problems, cause of the problem (System, Training, Business Process, and Infrastructure) and the impact of the problem. Often the problem is not the system and even if it is the system, there may be a good workaround.