What the cloud really is

December 1, 2015 from CPA Magazine – “…Below you’ll find a short primer on the cloud and how to decide if the technology is right for your business needs. We’ve also designed a short survey to see how many of you are using the cloud in business – and if so, how”

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180 View – I (Michael Burns) wrote this article with a lot of help from Margaret Craig-Bourdin who is the editor of the online edition of CPA Magazine. The first version of the article was considered by Margaret to be way too technical for the readers of CPA Magazine and she worked hard to simplify the article for CPAs. Hopefully, it’s not too simplified for the readers of our newsletter.

1 thought on “What the cloud really is

  1. So much cloud hype these days good to help us understand what it is really about. It represents a wonderful way for vendors like Microsoft and Intuit to maintain a healthy revenue stream. With locally installed software such as Office or Quickbooks, you were not obligated to upgrade yearly. I often see customer running ancient versions of this software. With the new cloud-based offerings of these products, your credit card is charged monthly and you have no choice but to pay and stay “up to date”. No wonder they are pushing these products so much.

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