Biggest ERP failures of 2010

December 28, 2010 from InfoWorld – “No year in the IT industry would be complete without a number of high-profile ERP (enterprise resource planning) project failures, ones that burn through mountains of cash, bring company operations to a standstill, generate bad publicity for vendors, and toss careers in the trash.

There’s no one reason why ERP projects run off the rails. In fact, you can equate a typical project to a three-legged stool, with the customer, vendor, and systems integrator each serving as a leg.

Customers have to plan well, budget enough money for training, and evolve their usual way of working. Vendors must deliver software that functions properly and matches up well with a customer’s business processes. And implementation teams have to set the right expectations, meet project milestones, and avoid waste.

If one or more of these legs doesn’t hold up, things can get ugly…”

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180 View – Let’s hope that lessons will be finally learned and InfoWorld will not  have any ERP failures to write about in 2011.