180 Systems is very thorough

180 Systems is very thorough and gets down to the nuts and bolts of the business to get a thorough understanding of what our user requirements are and understanding of process flows. They ask a lot of good questions about why things are done a certain way and are very good at probing users to discover their issues and formulate requirements that a new system needs to address. 180 Systems gets people relaxed and engaged quickly, focuses on the issues and keeps things moving along. For companies that don’t have someone on board that has ERP selection experience, 180 Systems is a great help. They get beyond the “dog and pony show” of vendors, cutting through to the core functionality that does or does not meet your requirements. I’d recommend 180 Systems to any medium sized company where IT resources are scarce, even to larger companies where IT departments don’t have the experience with what S/W is out there, whereas 180 Systems has it all and been there done that.