Supply Chain News: Dr. Elli Goldratt’s Unplugged Interview with SCDigest – 180Systems

February 1, 2012 from SupplyChainDigest – “Last week, we noted the 2011 death of Dr. Eli Goldratt, originator of the “Theory of Constraints,” author of “The Goal,” which introduced TOC to the world, founder of the Goldratt Institute, and much more…

There are two pillars to the Theory of Constraints. One is the starting assumption of all the hard sciences, which is that in all real-life systems there is inherent simplicity. If you can just find that inherent simplicity, you can manage, control and improve the system.

The other pillar is “that people are not stupid…”

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180 View – Dr. Goldratt was a brilliant man and we can all learn something from him whether or not we work for a manufacturing company.